Failure to submit your travel services request form on time may result in your district office being responsible for the cost of your airline tickets.

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Travel/Living information for SimplexGrinnell employees

All SimplexGrinnell employees who have enrolled in a TSPI product training class must complete an online Travel Services Request Form. Once submitted the form is forwarded to their manager for approval. This interactive form is completed right on your computer and can be accessed using the button to the right. Airline tickets, hotel reservations, meals and ground transportation are provided based on information on this form.

The manager gives approval for the request by forwarding the EMAIL  to American Express Business Travel using the following email address:

American Express Business Travel will consider receipt of the manager’s EMAIL as approval to make the necessary travel/living arrangements for their employee.

An Itinerary will be sent to the student’s email, as found on the submitted Travel Services Request form. If you have not received your itinerary at least two weeks prior to the class start date then contact Sheri at American Express Business Travel (888) 272-9081, Prompt 1, then Prompt 5. You can download the SimplexGrinnell Travel-related documents to your computer using the buttons on the right.